Terms and Conditions

Important legal information

1. Organizers and Conclusion of Contract

The organizer is the recognized charitable non-profit organization Buddhistische Union Diamantweg e.V., Zasiusstr. 67, 79102 Freiburg, Germany. By sending in the registration form and paying the course fee you are making a binding registration to participate in the Summer Course.
The participant will receive a booking confirmation and receipt of payment as soon as the payment is received in the account of the BUD e.V. The contract for the right to participate in the Summer Course for the booked time period comes with receipt of payment and personal on-site registration on the course grounds.
Minors under the age of 16 are not permitted to participate unless accompanied by a parent or guardian or unless constantly accompanied by an adult of at least 21 years of age with a written statement of duty of care. Minors between the ages of 16 and 18 are permitted to participate without parental accompaniment with the written permission of a parent or guardian.
Age, presence of a parent/responsible guardian and permits must be provided on site upon registration. If the conditions for minors to participate are not at hand upon registering, any course fees paid in advance will be fully refunded where applicable.
The binding registration, payment of the course fee and the registration at the venue upon arrival allows you to use a tent on the campsite, possibly a sleeping place in a solid house, the use of sanitary facilities, three meals, as well as to attend the teachings, meditation, initiations and other events such as in the big tent. The organizer reserves the right to make any changes to the program.
Participants are asked to help make the course a success by volunteering for activities (e.g. kitchen helpers, food distribution, sanitary cleaning, waste disposal). For more information see the Job Center.

2. Right to Withdraw/Cancellation

3. Data protection

Your personal registration details (name, booking number, course fees, payments, course times) will be deleted from the server one year after the end of the course, then stored exclusively, and only if required, for tax purposes on a local medium and permanently and irreversibly deleted upon expiry of the mandatory, statutory retention periods.
We do not use any cookies or trackers. Your data will not be disclosed to third parties, neither for analysis, market research nor for newsletters, other information to former participants nor for other purposes.
You can always request information from us on the whereabouts and use of your registration data. If needed, please contact datenschutzbeauftragter@buddhistische-union-diamantweg.de.

4. Natural hazards

The course venue is located in natural mountain terrain approx. 900 m above the large Alpsee with forests, streams and steep rocky slopes. Roads and paths are only partly or roughly graveled. Course participants must be prepared for the inherent natural hazards associated and exercise appropriate caution. 
Parents of minors are obliged to comply with their legally prescribed supervisory duties at all times. 

5. Liability and Insurance

The organizer is liable for bodily injury or material damage it causes, or is accountable for, to course participants in accordance with the statutory provisions, e.g. as part of the German Civil Code. In order to hedge this risk, the organizer maintains liability insurance with a renowned German insurance company. 

Note: a person with an exclusively voluntary and honorary position as part of a charitable purpose is also automatically insured against accidents; the relevant provisions of the German Social Code (SGB I – X) apply. 

Freiburg, May 19, 2015