Registration & payments


We have the same prices and policies as the previous years as we want to welcome you after such a long break.

If you arrive in the afternoon, you only pay 2/3 of the first day. If you arrive in the evening, you only pay for 1/3 of the first day. Every day after that is counted as a whole day, even if you are not staying overnight.

Your departure day will be counted as an entire day unless you depart before 10am—in which case the day will not be counted and you can still have breakfast with us.

This system should help us keep organisation to a minimum and still pay for the infrastructure of the course. We would also like to encourage our guests to stay for the whole course—this year by offering a whole-course discount.


Day Price * Day Price Whole-Course Price
Surplus Price** 55 € 555 €
Regular Price 45 € 455 €
Supported Price***
(only bookable until 29 July)
35 € 455 €
Youth (13-17) 14 € 186 €
Kids (5-12) 8 € 106 €
Kids under age 4 – € – €

* All price categories are based on trust—we would like to make it possible for as many friends as possible to take part.

** This price is for those who would like to support friends who would otherwise not be able to afford the course.

*** This price is for those who would not be able to afford the price at the regular price. Please note that the price is only bookable until 1 August, so you have to register before the course (you can pay later). For registrations after 1 August, only the regular price will be bookable. We expect many friends to arrive spontaneously and can therefore not offer the supported price.

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Minors at the Summer Course

Minors (under 18 years old) can take part in the course if they are accompanied by an ever-present parent. Minors without the constant supervision of a parent can take part only if another participant (over 21 years old) takes full responsibility for them and confirms this in written form. Here, you can download the PDF.

The course organizer reserves the right to prohibit minors from participating in the course.