Detailed arrival,
parking and shuttle information

Dear friends,

We’re looking forward to welcoming you all for a deep program of meditation and teachings with Lama Ole, Jigme Rinpoche and Lopon Dorji Rinpoche.

Like last year, P3 (Viehmarktplatz) will still be our center for arrivals and departures. But unlike last year, we have absolutely no parking at P3. Everyone coming by car will have to use the Akams parking lot, 5km from the EC.

So if you come by car, the system works like this: Cars arrive at P3 to unload all passengers and luggage. The driver (and only the driver) then drives to Akams and gets a ride back to P3 with a shuttle. Then from P3, everyone can take the main shuttle up to the EC.

So if you’re driving, please come to P3 first! But keep in mind that no one will be able to leave their car at P3.

If you are staying in a hotel in Immenstadt or the surrounding area, please simply use public parking areas and come on foot to P3, where you can take the big bus up to the EC.

We no longer have bus stops at the Froschweiher and Freibad parking areas since we have promised the city to keep these free for tourists. We kindly ask you to respect this as we’d like to maintain good relations with the city and the community.


Schedule during the summer course

Shuttles will run from 07:00 until 01:00 throughout the course, between the Europe Center and the P3 parking place. Anyone attending the Summer Course can use the shuttle as much as they need. There is no fee for the shuttle service anymore.

The times might be adapted to the schedule of the Summer Course, if it changes. Between 01:00 and 07:00 there is no shuttle service and the road is closed. Please arrive or leave before 01:00 or after 07:00.

Bus Schedule - 2016