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Diamond Mind Meditation today

August 10, 2018

This afternoon (10.08) at 15:00, we will have a group Diamond Mind Meditation instead of a lecture with Lama Ole. This will be great preparation for the two empowerments this weekend. See you there!

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Dismantling the Summer Course

August 8, 2018

Please join us in dismantling the Summer Course! We begin immediately after the course (on August 12), continue working until the 19th, and then meet again on the following two weekends.

It’s always a great time with the Summer Course team, and your help is greatly appreciated.

If you plan to join in, please write a brief email to with your dates — that way we can do our best to reserve a bed for you.

Find more info about the dismantling here:



30 Jul–3 Aug Teachings with Lama Ole Nydahl
4–5 Aug Teachings with Jigme Rinpoche & Lama Ole Nydahl 15th Karmapa Empowerment with Jigme Rinpoche
6–10 Aug Teachings with Lama Ole Nydahl
11–12 Aug Teachings with Nedo Rinpoche & Lama Ole Nydahl Diamond Mind & Mahakala Empowerments with Nedo Rinpoche

Click below to see the full program. Please note that everything is subject to change.

Don't forget

digital FM-Radio
for translations

waterproof tent

warm sleeping bag
and camping mat

meditation cushion
and blanket

(rubber boots)

Already arranged


Regular shuttle
from parking area

You don't have to bring
your own dishes