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Summer Course 2016

April 22, 2016

Detailed program and information coming soon…



1 Aug
Public lecture by Lama Ole Nydahl (in German)
2–3 Aug
Teachings & meditation with Lama Ole Nydahl 
4 Aug Teachings & meditation with Jigme Rinpoche Lama Ole Nydahl
5–7 Aug Empowerments with Jigme Rinpoche
8 Aug Teachings with Jigme Rinpoche Lama Ole Nydahl
9–13 Aug Teachings & meditation with Lama Ole Nydahl
14 Aug Bodhisattva Promise with Lama Ole Nydahl

Don’t forget

digital FM radio
for translation

waterproof tent

warm sleeping bag
and camping mat

meditation cushion
and blanket

(rubber boots)

Already arranged


Regular shuttle
from parking area (TBD)

You don’t have to bring
your own dishes

General info 2016

New gompa and our pub available

The new gompa and pub will be available during the whole course for everyone to enjoy: the gompa for meditation and the pub for our shops and international project stands.

Improved accommodation

Our camping area and facilities are getting better and better every year. Like last year, those coming in on long-distance flights (5+ hours) are able to rent a tent on site.

Budget price

The budget price is only available if you register by 31 July. In other words, you need to register (but can pay later) before the beginning of the course. For registrations/bookings made after 31 July and those made spontaneously onsite, only the regular prices will be available.